Meet the RTV Silence Detection

RTV Silence Detection monitors the noise level (modulation) by continuously measuring the number of decibels (dB) and warns if a decibel too low is measured consecutively, according to a set time period. This will result in too soft audio or silence. Warning is done by e-mail and/or SMS. It is also possible to run an external program or script at the moment of detection or to send an API request to a url. When the sound level is detected again (decibel is higher than indicated for a minimum period of time), this is also warned. Also then an external program, script or API call can be executed. Modulation is detected via a recording source of a sound card. Program contains many possibilities with a.o. an extensive log system, planning program for when to detect and when not to detect and can detect multiple sources at the same time (per source a separate version). A shareware version is offered which detects a maximum of 30 minutes. After purchasing a license the detection runs 24 hours a day.

Specification application

  • Windows desktopapplication running on Windows 10 or higher. Windows Server 2016 or higher

  • Support ASIO and default multi audiochannel of Windows for capture devices or loopbacks

- warns by e-mail/SMS if the decibel is too low according to a set time period (too soft audio or silence).
- when modulation is detected again (decibel is higher than set for minimum period of time) an e-mail/SMS or API call can also be executed.
- to send an SMS message the SMS gateway of is used. A message can only be sent to a mobile number within Europe
- execute program and/or script in case of warning
- one or more API calls to a url when the decibel is too low consecutively according to a set time period (too soft audio or silence). These are URl requests with GET, POS, PUT or DELETE.
- planning program for specifying time periods whether or not to detect (once or weekly, monthly or yearly)
- have multiple recording sources detected simultaneously (per source a separate version on one computer system)
- extensive log system
- English and Dutch available

The shareware version, which can be downloaded free of charge, contains the restriction that it can detect up to 30 minutes. One license is per computer system, unlimited number of versions running simultaneously on the computer system.
Click here to order a license.

Information about SMS
For SMS traffic the SMS services of are used. Before using the service you need to have created an account and enter your API key in the silence detectei. You will also need to purchase SMS credit in stock. For more information go to the site of Messagebird.

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