Get the audio data. 


Getting audio by type. 


Return audio filedata or type bulletin. Audio is default mp3, 320 kbps, 1 channel. sample rate 44100 Hz.

For wave: prefix <type> with ".wav"(<type>.wav). 

For pls: prefix <type> with ".pls". Response is a playlist with one item.

For authentication alternative: merge username and password with <type>,  separated with underscores.  Ie. <type>_<username>_<password>. This skips HTTP 401. 

If wav: can be combined as follow example:


For changing bitrate, use parameter bitrate:
Possible values: 64, 128, 256 or 320.

Invalid parameter requests will be responded with http 400.

Multiple requests for the same type audio between15 seconds after the first request, will be responded with http 425.

ResponseReturns HTTP 206 with binary data.  If pls, textfile will be return.

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