Using the application

With the menu "General" detection can be started. Also the detection can be stopped via the same menu.

The VU meters indicate to what extent decibels are detected. If the VU-meters come in the white area, this is (according to the settings) 'silence' for the application. A red light is lit next to the timer and the timer will descend to zero.

During the timer countdown, you can click on the timer to reset the timer directly to the start time. This way, the application can be given more time before the silence alarm is triggered.

When the timer reaches zero, an alarm situation occurs. The actions will be performed and an alarm window will appear:

This is a "top-most" form. In other words, this 'form' will always appear over all windows. Removing the checkmark "Keep window top-form" will treat the window as a normal window.

The alarm window displays a list of actions that have been performed. All information can be read back into the log files that are being created (if this function is enabled).

As soon as the modulation is detected again, this window disappears. This can also be turned off via 'settings window'.

Actions are also executed with modulation. If the alarm window remains visible (it is selected), these actions will also be displayed. This information will also be written in the log file.

Clicking on "cancel alarm" closes the window immediately and will detect it again.


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